New Technologies and Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying has emerged only in the last twenty years with the invention of mass forms of communication. Before technology bullying was face to face both violent and verbal.  I was easier to stop a kid from perpetrating the act of bullying when . Technology has brought bullying into the home but also given us a way to fight back.

New technology is central in this topic. Starting with IM in the early 2000’s and progressing to facebook, twitter, instagram and texting. Youth from the safety of their house send and receive hurtful material on these large social media platforms.

A concerned mother named Angela has started a blog to bring awareness after her daughter suffered firsthand the affects of cyberbullying(see bottom of page link 1). In her blog  she says  “The internet has given kids an avenue to attack even if they are not tough enough to say what they want to say to the victim’s face.  It can be more harmful because what is posted online can be seen by thousands.” This blog is an amazing example of new technologies on both sides of cyberbullying. Not only are people using mass communication to bully but concerned citizens are  harnessing its power to bring change. Kids on the site Youth Voices in an article called “How has the issue of cyberbullying developed  over the past 5 years”(see bottom of page link 2) talk about Angela’s article in an open forum. This example of participatory culture where people can get involved and directly affect the issue at hand by brining recognition to it. People can talk and broaden their views on the forum talking about a blog that was directly affected by bullying. This new culture of convergence has enabled people allover the world to talk about one issue using many different new technologies. I have posted on a number of cites asking about their experiences and hope to hear back soon.the-voice-of-technology-the-cause-of-cyber-bullying-1-638

(See bottom of page link 3)

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Link 2:

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